they say, life as you know it is over. they couldn’t be more wrong.

I was born and raised in Connecticut with my amazing parents and two brothers. My mom stayed home as we were growing up, made dinner every night and always made sure we got where we needed to be. I always hoped of raising my family the same, someday. My childhood was full of playing outside and being called home each night, long sporting events, big family gatherings with lots of cousins, two week vacations to my dad’s family home in New Hampshire and a perfect raised ranch we called HOME.


I always knew I wanted to be a mom and couldn’t wait until that day came. Six months after I said I DO to my prince charming, we decided to start filling our home with tiny clothes and sleepless nights.

Four months of trying and every test came on negative. Through lots of tears, we agreed to take a break and try again in a few months. I had one test left in the pack and of course didn’t want to waste it so two days later, I took it again. I placed it upside down on the back of the toilet and covered it with a towel as to not be tempted to look before the 3 minute timer… my mind was already telling me it was negative. It has been- four times. It had been- two days ago. It must be now. Andrew pased the hallway in front of the bathroom, asking over and over “is it time yet?” “is it time now?” Three minutes seems like an hour when you’re waiting for news that will change the rest of your life.  2 miuntes 57seconds, we ripped the towel off. Before I flipped the test over, Andrew grabbed my hands and said, “whatever it says, it’s okay. We will just keep trying.”…………….



We grabbed each other, we cried, we danced and we laughed!!!! The rest of our life was growing. ❤ (Is it totally weird that I still have that test? Well, I do. Get over it, Andrew)  We announced it to our family on Christmas day with auntie and uncle onsies and grandparent little critter books!

I’d hate to brag (who am I kidding, everyone likes to brag), I had the most beautiful pregnancy. I felt amazing the entire 10 months, I couldn’t get enough of my belly and I loved the excuse to go shopping for clothes every few weeks as I got rounder!!!! I was diagnosed with placenta previa early into my pregnancy and was scheduled for an ultrasound every 4 weeks which allowed us to see our babe monthly! We decided not find out the sex of baby, so we painted the nursery yellow, added grey accents and awaited the arrival of Tiny Tomer.


For as long as I can remember (probably 10 years old, and a full calendar of babysitting families) I dreamt of being the mama to boys. Maybe because I grew up with brothers; who were dirty, never brushed their teeth and brought bugs into the house. Maybe because almost all the kids I babysat for were boys and even though they thought it was funny to lock me out of the house, they were the sweetest ever. Maybe because glitter and little pink things scare the crap out of me…? Whatever the reason, my wish came true!!

On August 24, 2013 at 11pm (6 whole days after our due date) I went into full bloom labor where my contractions started at 5 minutes apart. Andrew and I got to the hospital at 1am, my water broke at 2:23, I pushed twice and our beautiful, furry, 7lb 14oz baby boy was here!


Now at 2yrs old, our Landon Scott is the sweetest, most full of love, sports obsessed little shrimp. His favorite person is his dada, he calls for me every morning/snuggles me before bed and wears a football helmet around the house constantly. I pat myself on the back that he says “thank you and excuse me”, especially to complete stranger (even if it’s after he bumped into them while reenacting a baseball slide in between the displays at Carters)

Around Landon’s first birthday we decided (Andrew actually begged) to go for round 2. Three weeks later, we were pregnant again! We announced to our families by asking everyone over  to take a family picture and telling them, “say cheese” then “say jenn’s pregnant!”


untitled (14 of 17) untitled (13 of 17)

This pregnancy was just as amazing as my first but completely different in every way. We made it to 20 weeks not wanting to know the sex of Tiny Tomer Two.  After a 3 day stretch of being sick and dehydrated, I was hospitalized for tests. MRI and blood work all came back normal but I passed out a few days later. I was given an emergency ultrasound to check on the baby who was perfectly content, kicking and growing away inside mama. While there, the ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know what we were having. Since my experience was so incomparable to the first, I said yes. Andrew said no. The tech told us she would write it in an envelope and we could decide what to do. As we left the dr, Andrew told me to call a local bakery and see if she could fill cupcakes with either pink or blue and we’d invite our families over to find out together. I sent the text and told everyone to be over at 6 and not a second later because I couldn’t wait any longer!

10995455_10152830215514615_1198234125153353479_n34931507086_10152748955824615_4773520558368552865_n May 19, 2015, (6days before our duedate) I woke up feeling, well, weird, is the only way to describe it. I went about my day, we made tacos like every other Tuesday and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset on the deck. Andrew wanted to go overnight fishing and something in me asked him not to go. Sure thing, at 12:30am May 20th I went into labor. Since my first delivery was incredibly fast, my doctors told us not to wait and get to the hospital as soon as labor began.  We called our moms and after dropping Landon off to my dad, we got to the hospital around 3 am. My contractions came irregularly until about 7am and 7cm when they stopped. (yes. Labor can stop. Yes. It is as terrible as it sounds.) My dr decided to give me some pitosin at 9:45 and two drips in, my contractions were back with a vengeance. 10:00 on the dot, three pushes and I had our 7lb 5oz curly haired, second furry son, Owen Michael was here!!!!!


At 5 months old, he’s my serious cuddle bug. He never wants to be put down. He slept through the night from day one and now all of a sudden he wakes up. Every damn night. Over and over. He’ll stare into your soul… deep into your soul. He’s a spitting image of my father but as hairy as his daddy!

No matter all the difficult and scary things people like to share once the find out you are expecting, you find out they are all temporary and so worth it when you discover how much more incredible the positive moments are once you become a mom!


Keep Smiling Xx


One thought on “they say, life as you know it is over. they couldn’t be more wrong.

  1. Lea says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy you decided to start blogging. I will totally follow you. Just another reason to add why you are an incredibly amazing woman. I love you and your beautiful family♡


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