Fish, pot pies and bath water.

After an incredibly amazing day feeling loved from all the positive feedback of getting my blog up…. i’d like to take a moment to talk about life. This messy, dirty wonderful life.

Our day started with a little baby teething boy in our bed, who surprisingly slept 11-6. Big brother woke up and instantly wanted to play football. Downstairs we went where we needed to, at that moment, feed the fish. Andrew took the fish down from the shelf, as Rooney took a slop or two from the bowl, he sprinkled some food into Landon’s hand to feed the bubble blowing creatures that have remained alive for a year! !   After the fish got their breakfast, they then needed to watch LT run passes and plays up and down the play room by staying on the floor next to him.  Well, here we go. Andrew took a phone call at the exact minute Landon made a diving super bowl touchdown catch into… onto… INTO the fish bowl. Water spills everywhere, including the bluest betta fish you ever saw, flopping around the play room. (Andrew later told me) that I screamed “there’s an f&%$ing fish on the floor! GET UP!” I grabbed the fish and threw him back! (no drains that lead to the ocean for you today, pal) As I watched it happen in slow motion, the water works began. LT hit his butt so hard on the bowl, that must be the cause of his tears…not a chance…. his diaper was simply wet, from the outside! “watta on meeee!”  Dada cleaned everything up and all was right with the world again.

Cut to, an hour of two later.  I was nursing OT and asked the hubs to take my coconut sea salt chocolate chip cookies (that delicious recipe will be up soon, don’t you worry) out of the oven. He did just that. Took the cookies out and left them there on the island, still on the sheet. Needless to say that when I tried to remove them a half hour later- they crumbled.  We now have a yummy ice cream sundae topping. ugh!

After I made the cookies, I rolled out some pie dough to top the chicken pot pie I have been dying for! Popped it in, and right before we left for work, took it out covered it and left it on the back of the counter to cool for when I got home.

I have yet to introduce you to Rooney but oh, you’re about to meet her.

Fast forward to after work. I pick up the boys from my parents every Wednesday night. This Wednesday my car was getting new tires so I borrowed a car until it was time to pick mine up. As we leave to do so, I realize I left the spare set of keys at home. Mom drives us there first, I run inside to find, can you guess??????

MY FLIPPING POT PIE! Rather HALF my pot pie. On the counter where I left it. Eaten.


Meet Rooney. The worlds worst dog since i’ve had kids. I have no patience for her terrible ways and wish AT would just let me give her away. (that is only partially true because her bark is flipping scary and I love having that security when the hubs works, even when she doesn’t stop barking…. at the falling leaves)


I get my car, enjoy the ride home on 4 brand new wheels and the fact that at least one babe is asleep when we get back! OT to his room, turn on the monitor, grab the bathtub someone moved in front of his door (cough AT cough) to figure out there is still water in it, only as it empties out all over my feet and the floor.  wooosaa!

I am now plopped on the couch, eating Doritos with my biggest baby as he repeats “no leave mama” & “more choops” over and over, saying his ‘s’ with this tiny lisp he’s developing, to find out Chicago PD didn’t record.

Teeny silly little messes all throughout my day, make me appreciate the great days even more. Life is not perfect. Neither are we. Spilt fish bowls, rockhard cookies, half dog eaten pot pies and fave tv shows that don’t record are what make my world go round and keeps my life exciting. Here is to a tomorrow with a great haircut, a long walk with friends and quality time with my favorite newly engaged gal.

Keep Smiling Xx


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