Happy Birthday Sassy little ray of Sunshine

Once I had Landon, I always said you’ve never truly experienced life until you’ve experienced childbirth yourself. That held true until this day, last year when I witnessed my best friend give birth to her 8lb 8oz curly haired queen of sass.

As a little girl, I grew up only a few condos away from the girl who became my best friend and remains so to this day. Our parents were always each others company so naturally we were too. Throughout elementary and middle school, we were a grade apart and had different friends but still found time to hang out now and then. In high school, we started hanging with the same people and once she started college- we were inseparable. We had many nights of partying, sleepovers, sneaking boys into her dorm room, houseparties and roommates (her. not me. she had lots of roommates and I didn’t go to college. except to see her. often.)


Anyways, at this point we had both the men we knew we were going to marry and in 2010, 3 days apart we both were engaged! The planning began and we stood up next to eachother on both our big days. (I cried like a baby when she walked down the isle. When she said “i do”. When I saw her after the ceremony. When her and her handsome new hubby were announced at their reception) sooooo you guessed it I cried both times she told me she was pregnant!


I had the amazing opportunity to be right outside the door when she delivered her son (but sorry, Hunter this post isn’t about you) and the incredible opportunity to be in the room, part of the action, bawling like an idiot as I witness her baby girl enter the world. FB_IMG_1446785661466-1

I am tearing up right now thinking about it.

I told everyone I saw for 10387205_10152525168374615_4664664016248998908_nthe next three days that I had seen life’s truest miracle happen right before me eyes.

I’ll save you all the gory details but will share how after 9 hours of labor and 2 of extremely intense contractions, Lauren Elizabeth, you were amazing! I told you every day for a month and i’m telling you again now. Thank you for allowing me to cherish such an intimate moment in your life. You know how much it meant to me.

2952Emma Irene. Happy happy 1st birthday!! I wish you all the silliness of your mommy, more sparkles and tutus than you can count and a day full of the brightest red curls atop that pretty little head. You are a special ladybug and it melts my heart that you don’t cry when your mama leaves the room and you’re with me! (believe me folks, this is a huge deal!!!)

Be sweet to her today and I can’t wait to celebrate.

Keep Smiling Xx


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