Red Cups. Christmas & Believing.


Red cups have created quite the uproar over the last few days and I think it’s all a bit ridiculous. I love Starbucks. I love all the magic of Christmas. I was raised Catholic. Red is my favorite color. I hate when people write “x-mas” & “b-day”. And I have very hard time believing in god.

I was baptized, went to years of catechism, received my communion, grew up going to church, spent a summer at bible camp and prayed when things were tough or when I thought I needed guidance.  As I got older and I started creating my own way in the world, everything I have thought about my religion, changed.
I am not religious.  I believe in the golden rule and being a good person. I don’t believe that the things written in the bible are the tell all be all. I believe in coming back as part of the earth and think all humans should be treated equal.  I celebrate Christmas and will teach my boys about the story of the night Jesus was born but I don’t buy for a second, that happened by his mother being a virgin.  We baptized both our boys so they can have an easier path to choose the religion they wish once they are older but have never been ‘spoken to’ by the one who is said to decide my path.

I’ve witnessed death, death to early, death to tragic and death to innocent. I’ve witnessed terrible acts of hatred go unpunished and justice not served for acts to disgusting to write about. I do not understand how “all is forgiven” when one finds their faith after committing terrible deeds but an incredible, healthy, loving, handsome, athletic 20 year old can collapse on a baseball field and die the next. I prayed harder than I had ever done anything in my life that day. My prayers were not answered. I’ve witnessed children born to mothers who have no interest in their well being but the most deserving women I know have endured child loss and infertility. They’ve prayed over and over again, just to go unanswered.
Now, I understand that just because we pray for something doesn’t mean it has to be granted. What I don’t understand is why it all rests in the hands of the ‘belief’ of something higher than us all.

My mom is catholic, my best friend is baptist and goes to church every Sunday. My girlfriend sings at mass and wedding services weekly. My husband’s mom is a deacon at the Protestant church in which my dad grew up attending. None of these differences makes any of us less of good people. None of these should dictate what is right or wrong to go on the outside of a Starbucks cup.

I do not judge others and their religious beliefs and expect the same not done to me.

All that aside, this crap over the Starbucks red cup is bananas. I celebrate Christmas and would feel perfectly content if there was the star of David on the Starbucks cup along with a Christmas tree, holiday wreath, snowflake and a big fat steaming cup of cocoa with marshmallows covering the top. I celebrate Christmas and hand out snowflake cookies as a gift to my clients with a “Happy Holidays” tag because not all of them do.
We live in a world of different races, different cultures, different sexual preferences and many different religions. We need to get our heads out of our butts and except these facts. No plain red cup takes away from the reasons we celebrate Christmas. No plain red cup makes you any less Jewish, Buddhist or Atheist. Nor should it change the views you’ve had all your life or the views you’ve come to have as you’ve gotten older. To think your religious views are more worthy than others is crazy. To think one kid who chooses to pray on Facebook everyday can voice his Catholic opinion about the Starbucks red cup and have it make World news, as if his opinion is the only one that matters, is crazy to me.
Let’s instead shift our focus to the magic of the holiday season, to the children less fortunate than us and give back. Hand the homeless person you see on the street a red cup full of something warm and see his eyes light up at your kindness. Let’s be kind to one another.

So, Happy Christmahanakwanzika everyone. Enjoy your latte and keep your negativity.  Screenshot_2015-11-11-21-48-24-1


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