Going to the Chapel

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies -Aristotle    Love is getting the chills when you hear the song you walked down the isle to.  Love is tearing up when looking at your wedding photos because that day was beyond perfect and you want to repeat it over and over!  Andrew and I have a one of kind love story. We are best friends, soulmates, partners. We’ve always prided ourselves on how strong of a team we are. We wish our kind of love for every other couple in the world!

You can only imagine our excitement when Andrew’s cousin/best friend/brother took the plunge and proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years a few weeks ago!
We love our Justin and adore Lan more than she’ll even know!!12224571_656922061117515_932776695_n
This weekend we celebrated with Lan’s family and friends at a beautiful party hosted by her mom and aunt in Mass.

I put together a basket full of goodies, each labeled with a little note to help make the planning more exciting than it already is!! (for Alanna and I, of course!)

1- Bridal Magazines “to help you get inspired” (CVS)
2- Bottle of yummy wine “to CELEBRATE”
3- Wine bottle stopper ” ^ again & again” (Target)
4-Essie Nail Polish in ‘back of the limo’ & ‘happy wife happy life colors’ “so your nails are always perfect to show off your ROCK!” (Marshalls)
5- Post it tabs “to mark the spot of something that catches your eye” (Target)
6- (My favorite) Paper.mate pens “to write down all your ideas”  (Target)
7- ‘Me without You’ book “to make you remember why you said yes!”  (Target)
8-‘Does this ring make me look engaged?’ mug “because i saw it on Pinterest” (click here to see how i made it) (mug-Target)
9- Ring dish “so your shiney diamond has a safe place to rest” (Target)
10- Thank you cards “to keep you humble during the craziness” (Michaels Craft Store)
11-Countdown to the day date blocks “to count it down!!” (click here to see how i made them) (blocks-Michaels Craft Store)
12-A delicious smelling candle “to help you relax and enjoy this time” (Target)
13- Letter ‘T’ “she’s becoming a Tomer!” (Target)
14- Honeymoon Fund mason jar with money “$$$”

I arranged everything in a pretty basket  I found at Marshalls and garnished the basket with ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel chocolates. Target had the best card about being confetti cannon, shrieking out loud excited for the greatest couple so I just added a love note from the boys and I and threw it in the car for the trip to Mass!
Alanna and Justin have already started venue siting and loved the planning gift! Our weekend was full of love, drinking, gigantic meatballs, little Tomer boys making people laugh and the best steak tip lunch I have ever eaten. Thank you for including us in the celebration, Terry.
Engagement Party II is set for the end of the month here in CT, so stay tuned for my planning madness and brunch celebration.

Keep Smiling Xx


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