Keep him safe and send him home

Tuesday marked 10 years since the Mr and I began dating and not a day goes by that I think how I couldn’t imagine life without him.  We’ve had our fair share of downs, from breakups (that was me, I did the breaking up…. twice) to being out on luck with no job (that was him. for a few years) but our ups are so amazing, they constantly remind us how incredible this life we’re building for ourselves is.
Odd jobs came and went and took over life for quite a while. At 21, with one year left to his degree, Andrew left school and dove into the Police hiring process. Application after application, good results after great results, he never got THE letter. He stuck with it and kept applying. TWO days before our wedding (June 2012) he opened a conditional job offer from NewHaven and NewBritian!!
The next six months were crammed full of psychological tests and background checks, lie detector tests and home visits. (all were incredibly stressful and nerve wracking for both of us) He passed NB psych and background check, within a week he was given a date for his polygraph. We stayed up every night preparing, going over the questions he’d be asked (over and over until we both passed out. drooling.) I was crafting in the basement when he came home from the test and he literally fell into me. He said it was the most violating thing he’s ever been a part of that it actually made him sick. A few weeks later, he went through the same process with NH. This time he was prepared and spanked that tests ass! He came home calm, happy, and knew he passed!
Home visit was next. My turn.  Our appointment was scheduled for 5:00. I had coffee ready (then thought, what if she only likes tea?!) so I ran to get boxes of tea (boxes! of every flavor!), I made stir-fry and I was sitting pretty, ready for the background officer. (one of the officers still teases Andrew that I never offered them something to drink! haha)
5:10. 5:20. (I called the academy to make sure everything was okay) 5:30. (is this a joke?) FIVE : FORTY EIGHT two officers showed up to interview me and poke around the house. (I understand (now) that this whole process is about messing with your head but let’s be real. 48 minutes late?!?!?!?!?)
Anywho. I praised the man I believed would make an incredible police officer and 2 months later in January 2013, he started the Police academy for city of NewHaven (and he looks damn good in that uniform!!!)

Watching him transform throughout his 8 months of training was incredible. To this day, the situations he faces daily, make him stronger, weaker, tougher, calmer, nicer, meaner and above all, thankful. Thankful for the life we have and the opportunity he has to make a mark. Our relationship has become harder, stronger, more stressful but it has made us appreciate every single day.
He wants to help people. He wants to help make a difference. If he can change the life of one person by being there to help them when they need it most- that’s enough. I know I chose him to stand next to everyday but there is no one else i’d want on my side in a time of crisis or a time of need.

When we’re in trouble we call the police. When we’re hurt or scared we call the police. When we get caught doing something wrong, we get angry at the police. When people hurt others and are held accountable, it’s the polices fault. When we need help, when we need a ticket taken care of, we all ask a police officer. What we don’t do is thank them enough! They leave their homes everyday to protect and serve us. They are people. They are husbands, fathers, sons, wives, daughters, they are siblings. They are human.
There are no words to explain the feeling I get when I hear Mr’s jeep pulling into the driveway every night.  I send him off everyday to keep you safe, please keep him safe and send him home to us.

Keep Smiling! Xx   images (7)



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