Tough days and longer nights

Sleep deprivation is no joke. 
My 2yr old slept through the night from the night he was born. He wakes up around 9 every morning that we don’t have somewhere to be and doesn’t make a peep after we put him down.  Our 6month old slept through the night from day one to 4 months.


Now. He. Never. Sleeps.
I tell my husband (and anyone else that will listen) I think it’s worse when your child goes from sleeping to not sleeping (at 4 freaking months)!!! Your body was used to its 7hrs of darkness not countless hours of waking up, walking, singing and nursing a chunky little babe that doesn’t know what he wants.
Forget about getting anything done during the day because i’ve only got about 20 minutes that he’ll roll around on his play mat and 10 that he’ll nap for. The rest I must hold him at all times. If I’m lucky enough to get out of the house and wear him, he falls asleep every time without fail. It’s the getting him out of the wrap that poses the issue.

The bags under my eyes are blue and I recently invited my pregnant best friend over for a glass of wine and thought nothing of it until she replied with a simple “I’ll come over but I can’t drink the wine” My days may be long but these years are definitely short.

On nights like tonight when Owen falls asleep at 10:20, I crawl into bed no less than 5 minutes later (no matter how many shows I have waiting on my DVR- this Mama needs the stare at the back of her lids as long as she can).  Landon asked “sleep mama be-ed?”, so I’m snuggled up close to my biggest little bear as he falls asleep in my arms.


I love every second of being a mom but it can be hard. Overwhelming, tearful, cranky and tired hard. I live for moments where they giggle until they can’t breath and wish for bedtime to come early lately but I know these days won’t last forever and I’m going to miss it.

Keep [sleeping]! Xx

Keep Smiling! Xx


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