Black Friday? Pee Friday.

Black Friday? What’s that?
I’ve never been one to go out in the craziness to shop.Ever. It’s not my cup of tea. I have ordered a few thing online over the years. Once, my ordered didn’t come in time for Christmas and another time, they completely messed up the writing they were adding to the humidor I ordered for Andrew. This year, the gift we ordered Landon, came today! (the universe was only side tracking me for what it had in store the rest of the day)

I did get a pretty good nights sleep, thanks to my Owen sir snoozing quite well. But for whatever reason, (mainly because as soon as I changed Landon’s diaper this morning he pooped (the smelliest, most giant poop)), I decided that today would be a great day to start our potty training adventure. I wasn’t going out and thought maybe we could get Landon the slightest bit interested in going on the potty. After his poop, I dumped it and threw him on the toilet. With lots of encouragement and a half an hour later he…. DID NOTHING!  ugh!
We brought the portable potty out to the play room and left his diaper off.  I told him when he feels like pee, to run to the potty and he can have an M&M! “Yes, mama? M AND M?” was on repeat for a solid 10 minutes after (just like Justin Biebs- ‘sorry’ on youtube for the past two days). I set the timer for every 10 minutes, made him sit, push from his belly and nothing. nothing. nothing.

Sometime around 12:30 he peed!!!!!! ON MY RUG.

I squealed just a little then realized, he has no idea what that feels like. When you have a diaper to catch it your whole life, you just pee. I sat him on the potty anyways while I scrubbed the rug, where he proceeded to ask for a m&m. Once he calmed down from me reminding him that urinating on my new rug wasn’t part of the deal- he took his naked hiney back to playing.  Maybe 10 minutes later, he ran and sat on the potty. I jumped up, so exciting and ready to give him the whole bag of m&ms, when he pointed to the floor in front of his basketball hoop and said “pee!”…..
I removed him from the potty and put a diaper on him.
He pooped in it 2 minutes later.

Mama needed some time so both boys went in their cribs around 2:00 and napped until 4! It was beautiful but fast and I forgot to take a nap myself. I stuffed myself full again with delicious turkey dinner and then it was time to resume play. Boys were fed, and I started taking down my fall decor.

Fast forward to 7:00pm. Landon has been sitting on the potty, eating a pb&j, watching The Lion Gaurd for 10 minutes and still hasn’t peed.
Apparently, we’re not ready for big boy underwear just yet.
Owen on the other hand has nursed twice since he woke up from his nap, drank a 4oz bottle, had some veggie straws and is chowing down on a banana- holding it all by himself. 6 months old, army crawling towards a toy that he wants in his mouth and ready to catch up to his brother’s eating habits!

I’m feeling thankful for my healthy, beautiful boys who are growing up before my eyes!! (and am still working on how to keep them little forever)!

Keep Smiling! Xx


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