2 year olds and lollipops

We signed Landon up for a gymnastics class, which is a little bit of singing, a little of somersaults and balances beams, some crawling around making animal noises and a whole lot of fun!
He was a little nervous at the beginning of class the first few times but last class I couldn’t get his shoes off fast enough! There has only been two other 2 year old little boys at each class and it’s been incredible to watch Landon interact with them. They all giggle uncontrollably when we spin them in the parachute. He follows along with them as they roll, cartwheel, and balance through the obstacle course and eyeballs me when they run off from the group to see if i’m going to allow him to follow. (Not. I know, i know. I’m no fun)


Ask him to see it and Landon will show off his somersault for you. He remembers to put his arms out to help him balance on the beam and he’s not very good at a back bend. It’s amazing to see this little being of mine enjoy yet another adventure . The class is fantastic for their motor skills and touches a little of everything to keep the kiddos moving and having fun. Any class that has him giggling and smiling the whole time is mine kind of money well spent.

My ONLY reservation about the class is that at the end they all get a lollipop. Yes, i’m that mom the doesn’t give my two year old candy. Crazy right ?! I suck up my pride so he isn’t the only kid not allowed to have one and let him have it while we got ready to leave the gym. I repeatedly told him that once we got outside he had to throw it away because he could not have it in the car……. we made it to the front door, next to the garbage pail, and I said to take another lick and throw it away. He whined so I said it again. (for a total of 3 minutes) until he did just that. As soon as the pop hit the bottom of the pail, he hit the floor and he yelled, “noooo” causing a huge scene in the lobby of the YMCA. All eyes were on us and one women even commented with “he’s adorable”.
Let me tell you what I don’t think is adorable. Having to ruin a fabulous night of rolling around on dirty gym mats all because of a stupid red pop of sugar. WHY do two year olds need to have a lollipop after a gymnastics class? She should have stopped after he loudly exclained “thank you!” for the little sticker she stuck to his hand. Our Landon is easily excitable and the sticker did just that. It took him the walk all the way to the car to calm down after loosing that pop.

Now I know that we are not the norm by not allowing him to have crazy amounts of sugar (and we’re totally okay with that) but my heart broke a little watching his world crumble as his cough medicine red pop vanished into the trash.

On a completely different note, when we were snuggling on the cough later that night, I asked Landon if he loved me. He replied with, “yes”. I asked, “how much?” and he answered, “happy”.
Tonight, he chased Rooney around our bedroom and she chased him back down the hall. He giggled and loudly exclaimed, “mama, happy!” “happy!” Tears came to my eyes (of course they did. we’re talking about  me right??) and I knew i was doing this all right. My two year old loves me happy.

Keep Smiling! Xx


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