Baby Foodie 101

I’m up late tonight accomplishing a lot. Although, I know i’ll regret it when Owen wakes up in an hour but who has time for regrets?!
Sooo I got to hang with my fave pretty Lan, I addressed some Christmas cards, filled in birthdays and events on my spankin’ new 2016 wall calendar and made lots of fresh & delicious food for my littlest food monster.

Baby food prep is one of my favorite parts of the week. At the beginning on the month, I write down all different flavor combos I want to try then each week, we pick one or two to concoct!

#1 this week I went for butternut squash, added sweet corn and the mix made my taste buds happy! 


Now, this process is fun and easy to me which is why I don’t find it a burden to do. But there are a few tricks to make it even easier while still keeping it all fresh!
Tonight, I used precut squash and canned sweet kernel corn (because finding a stalk of corn right now is about as easier as finding the answer to why my 6month old hates to sleep). During the winter, I use a lot of organic frozen fruits and vegetables in all my purées. I know I’m still getting clean, as close to fresh, nothing added produce for my boys. (I’m not discrediting the jarred food, it’s just not for us and you can’t colors brighter than when you make it yourself!)


For #2, I also experimented with sweet potatoes (peeled, chopped and steamed)…. the recipe called for avocado and I don’t know about you but I can never seem to use an avocado when they are ripe. Either it’s rock hard or I let it sit too long- which was the case tonight- so I peeled, sliced and added white pears and a pineapple to the mix.



The flavors were strong without taking away from each other, and after scooping half into my freezable jars, I, #3 added frozen (steamed) sweet green peas to the rest. (I could add peas to everything…. my Mr gets so annoyed when every. single. pasta dish I make has pea hiding in the roni!) The peas cut the pineapple even more but left the sweetness.
I love looking at my freezer door, lined with delicious meals my boys love!  I pop a couple in the fridge to defrost overnight and viola! One sweet potato, a pineapple, 2 pears and a 1/2cup of peas, a small butternut squash and 1 can of corn can make 2 meals a day for almost month!!


It takes a little time but the outcome is incredible. My boys will have plenty of time to fill their bodies with crap once they’re in charge of it BUT for the time being, while those little selves are still mine, I’m saying no to the lollipops and yes to the farmer crops! 🌽🍐🍍🍠

Keep Smiling! Xx


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