Baby boys to little boys and big boys I can’t get to leave the bar.

I am sitting at the annex club for the Mr’s work Christmas party (way past ready to go and pick up my boys-sorry mom! I can’t get him to leave) so I though I’d write a little….

Last night before I went to bed, Facebook showed me all my memories of that day from years past. My favorite video of Landon to this day was one of them. Him, rocking out to one of the best Christmas songs. EVER. (I said it… best.. and yes I mean Mariah!) I’m so upset I can’t get it to load on here.

Naturally I went back to Instagram to reminisce, cry at how big he is and laugh -just loud enough not to wake Owen- at how silly my 2yo big baby  (that insists on being 3 when you ask)is obviously taking after his mama. 😉
Landon was the cutest, baldest, (almost) chunky little babe I ever did see. Picture after picture he had no hair. Video after video he danced & laughed and make incredibly hilarious faces. Out of all of it, I think my favorite part is his no hair!!
I woke Andrew up and told him I was shaving Landon’s head in the morning. He simply said no and rolled over to continue snoring. 😂
I got up the next morning. Got my scissors ready, cut Mr’s hair and knew it was only a matter of minutes before LT asked, “my hairtut?”  YES!


My two year old now looks 5 and I only cried a little. I think I thought that by cutting it,  he’d look like a baby again. Instead he looks three years older. Oops.

*Now, it’s 12:00 and Andrew’s old Sargent walked in and ordered a round of shots. (Mom,I’m trying!)*
I love you police guys but man can they drink and this Mama can’t hang that late! The clock is chiming and I’ve lost my glass slipper!! 🏰
We all know Owen will wake up as soon as I climb onto bed so goodnight…. for now!

Keep Smiling! Xx

Keep Smiling! Xx


2 thoughts on “Baby boys to little boys and big boys I can’t get to leave the bar.

  1. Fran says:

    Enjoy childhood, it’s gone in the blink of an eye! Serena and Shalyn are college students,how the hell did that happen? I clearly remember eating the pb&j sandwich your mom brought me right after I delivered Serena.


    • Debra Bishop says:

      Childhood seems like yesterday for me for all of my boys…from the little boy who dressed in a suit on valentine’s day and brought in a dozen roses to his sweet little valentine….to the man who will be 27 on Feb 28th and running the family business and all grown up and we are so proud of the man hes become…ahhhh yes such sweet memories tucked away for always..
      Appreciate your boys…it all goes so fast….xxoo


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