My Christmas Story

Happy spring! Wait. It’s Christmas Eve? This year Christmas seemed to creep up on me but ironically, I was the most prepared I’ve ever been.
Christmas to me is all about traditions. I love rocking out to Celine Dion and Michael Buble while decorating and going to cut down the most perfect, imperfect tree (but only after Thanksgiving of course!). Hosting my annual cookie swap, Christmas Eve at Mary’s and Christmas morning at Grami & Grampi’s.  Coffee cake and cinnamon rolls. Spending the day with my parents and brothers. My mom always made Christmas feel extra special. We like only white lights around our home and ornaments that have meaning to us over the last ten yrs. Stockings hung and filled with care. Donated food, time and gifts.

My favorite Tomer tradition is making our stuffed hot cherry peppers and wrapping all the treasures we picked out special for our loved ones.
There has always been something magical to me about the night before Christmas. As a child, my brothers and I always watched the sky, on our way back home from wherever we had been partying that night, for Santa and his reindeer. I can remember many times being convinced we heard his sleigh bells.


(Wow, look at those haircuts!  Oh Rosie.)

Almost all our gifts were wrapped and under the tree with a few weeks to spare this year! 🌲 I always say how much I love giving presents more than receiving them. It’s magical knowing that we’ve spent time to find THE perfect gift.

Our boys are young and completely unaware of the meaning of Christmas but Landon sure loved everything Santa! (Pillows, PEZ (who gives a 2yro pez by the way ?!), “mickey mouse saves santa” Ondemand (and I can’t wait until I don’t have to hear the terrible chant that accompanies that episode any longer)

The boys had to be awoken Christmas morning (you heard me, BOYS. Owen too!) With video camera in hand, we watched Landon’s mind explode when Santa’s cookies were gone and gifts were left, “that for me?”, he kept repeating.


Our day was stuffed to the rim with family, presents, cookies and champagne punch. In the craziness of the holiday, it is so easy to loose sight on what the spirit of the holidays truly mean. Be grateful for the meal you feasted on surrounded by those you love. Appreciate all the brown paper packages tied up with string that you opened. Be kind and present to those in your life- direct and indirect. Hold onto those friends who have become family and the family you’re lucky to have! 
The Tomer’s wish you a safe and Merry Christmas. 


Keep Smiling! Xx


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