Pre-pregnancy jeans & my post-pregnancy body

As a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be a mom. My younger brother and I are only 4 years apart so don’t remember my mom being pregnant. I’ve seen pictures of her and she was always smiling, beautiful and glowing. I’ve heard from her, that she was terrified, shocked and carried that test around for weeks in disbelief.
I remember setting up my cousin’s nursery with my aunt and each time she brought a new baby home, I was always there to help but I can’t remember her pregnancies. I do remember her questioning how it could have possibly happened a third time! LOL

When Andrew’s sister got pregnant, we were all so excited since there hadn’t been a baby in either family for a long time. My best friend told me she was pregnant a few months before my wedding and I couldn’t contain my emotions! They both had a great pregnancies but neither loved it very much.
I absolutely loved being pregnant. I never felt more comfortable in my own skin than when I was sharing it! (that sounds a little silence of the lambs but still! It’s true!) My skin felt new, my hair was curlier than ever. My clothes showed off my baby bump & I shopped Motherhood Maternity like it was my job! I felt tired and lazy the first few & last couple months of both but loved staying active and practicing my weekly prenatal yoga.


Food is up there on my top 3 favorite things list and I ate whatever. whenever. I wanted. Of course, much to my disappointment, I craved sushi a lot while I was pregnant and later on discovered a spicy crab roll that made all things right again in my world. Frozen vanilla chias were a staple and the staff at the café where I got them, began preparing one as soon as I walked in.



Everyone loves to touch a pregnant lady’s belly and it never bothered me when they did. I think pregnancy is beautiful on any women and if touching my baby in utero makes you happy, then have at it!! Old ladies especially loved to bless me & tell me not to stop because it’s the best gift and I’ll miss all the craziness one day. Women a little older than myself felt it necessary to unload all their negative feelings regarding childbearing and birth my way. Because it happened to them, (and usually not nearly a bad as they are retelling their nightmare) it most certainly will be the same for you!
I always thought when asked, “how are you feeling?” I’d respond, “pregnant” & in my head think, ‘duh, what kind of ridiculous question in that’ but in all honesty, I always respond with “fantastic!” because it was the truth. Pregnancy agreed with me and I wish I could be pregnant all the time.


When I’m not, I miss the belly, the kicks and flips, I miss the aches that come along with growing a human, the shortness of breath and as my friends know me, the very often peeing of my pants. >( although this longing is very minimal)

It took me a full year to get my body down in weight after Landon but I never fully got it back. I had stretch marks on my sides (that I’d rock in a bikini any day), reminding me how incredible that journey was. I had a small baby bump that I proudly camouflaged with a bagger shirt, all while it told me I was selfless and strong to have opened my body to life.


I’m finding it’s taking me longer to get my weight down again after Owen and I’m not ashamed of that at all.


I like who I see when I look in the mirror while getting dressed.
I love my “warrior paint” displayed on my sides.

I feel sexy every time I hear my husband tell me I am.

I found an old pair of jeans that have been hiding out in my closet for few years now, waiting for a break in fielding our own baseball team, so I put them on and buttoned them! I believe I screamed in joy and rocked them for a few days straight. It took 9/10 months for my body to get that large, that beautiful, that healthy and I am not going to get discouraged knowing it will take longer to go back to how it was. I feel good and that’s all that counts!


Keep Smiling! Xx


One thought on “Pre-pregnancy jeans & my post-pregnancy body

  1. Gabriella Leonetti says:

    I could not agree more with what you are saying! I love being pregnant! I love the cloths i get to wear and showing off my baby bump! I feel great and never felt more like myself. People always ask me if I planned on having my kids so close together or “wow you are going to be busy”, well yeah I am a mom, its the best job in the world, the only job I have ever wanted and it makes me laugh, cry, and worry everyday!

    I love reading your posts! ❤ xoxox I remember that aunt saying how could it happen a third time too lol


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