Short and mostly sweet.

This will be a quick post tonight as I hope to have our children in bed in 5 minutes so I can have my brain back!!
Our adorable little 2 year old is becoming quite a little well, shit lately. I don’t want to hear, that three is worse or boys are tough… i’m just want to vent and share how time out and Landon have become bffs. He is testing me more than ever! He’s no dummy, calculates his attitude and knows every bit of what he’s saying is sending me down the rabbit hole. Andrew and I catch ourselves constantly telling him to give Owen back the toy that he just ripped from his hands so naturally when something is taken from him now (by Andrew or I) he responds with, “Give me back my {insert object} now!” The tone he attaches is deadly but the sooner he realizes who is boss, the better…. for him. for me? for everyone involved!
Don’t get me wrong, he’s still as sweet as ever and his silly smile make me melt.

As tough as today was, during our stop at Verizon looking for a new phone and getting some questions answered, Landon very politely said, “excuse me Mama? Can I take my pants off?” Embarrassment washed over me for a split second then I burst out laughing….. “Noo you can not take your pants off.” Everyone in the store giggled and explained to him how we don’t take our pants off at Verizon. He responded with “oh mann” and walked back to play on the tablet the nice man set up for him.



My Owen is so close to walking he scares himself and falls down! He’s been practicing his drumming skills like crazy and has become a dancing fool!! When I break out the camera, he cheeses from ear to ear and sometimes throws an arm up just to reassure me how cool he really is. May 20th is inching closer closer, making this mama contemplate time travel. I can not believe how fast it went by! He recently starting making Landon cry and has begun stealing toys out of his hands. We caught the tail end of their playroom brawl the other night after dinner, which ended with Owen pushing Landon over and crawling away “grunting” with a bouncy ball in each hand.


#thelifeintheday   #iwasmadeforthis

Enjoy this thunderstorm and the rest of your night!

Keep Smiling! Xx



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