Positive mom’s keeping it real

Mr and I are flying to Miami for our cruise gateway and as we sit on the plane and he snores quietly in my ear, I thought it was the perfect time to write! 


This post goes out to the two Mom’s I’ve met recently, whose simple words were oh so encouraging and kind.

I take our 89+ neighbor grocery shopping and to her drs appointments on a regular basis.  A few weeks back we were at her dentist office for a quick visit, that took over two hours…….! Naturally I had the boys so they played with the few toys that were available in the waiting area. As we rounded our first hour, a women, who had finished her appointment and was taking care of paperwork (for over 30 minutes- things move slow around there) began talking to Landon and asking him the colors of the game he was playing. He answered her questions and asked her some of his own.
She told me how cute they were and said “your boys are very well behaved” I responded with “thank you. We got lucky” She quickly turned her head and told me, “that has nothing to do with luck. That has everything to do with you and how you’re raising them! You’re obviously doing a great job. ”
I couldn’t stop smiling.

You made my day, and I keep replaying what you said over in my mind since. Thank you for reassuring this Mama that even on the days when I cannot wait for Mr to get home because I cannot take one more whine or thrown toy, I must be doing some things right.

On Thursday we ran lots of errands to get ready for Mama and Dada’s trip and stopped at our favorite lunch place for “yummy yummy pizza” (in Landon’s words). In line ahead of us was a young mom, a few years older than I, with her young daughter about Landon’s age. She was looking at a red spot on her daughters neck when we made eye contact. She asked what a tick bite looked like and what else it could have been.
We ordered and made our way outside to sit. My son doesn’t have a shy bone in his body and instantly made friends with her little girl (Stephanie). The pair ran back and forth on the sidewalk, laughing and speaking to each other by only making silly sounds all while we talked. We talked about potty training, almost 3 year olds and hair products for Stephanie’s curly locks. This mom then complimented on how clean the boys were. I take much pride in dressing them in clean/nice clothes, cutting their nails twice a week and washing their faces before they get out of the car! Hearing this from another mom is absolutely reassuring. The days can be long sometimes and I know I feel overwhelmed sometimes. Us Mom’s need to stick together and compliment each other when we can. Not much makes you feel better than kind words from another women trying to make it through the day with her littles, just like you.

Let’s pass it forward Moms. Today, when our plane lands, I’m going to tell the Mom who brought her two very young boys along, how great they did. We all heard them yell, cry and laugh throughout the whole trip but a 2.5hr flight isn’t easy for me to sit threw so power to you little ones! I’ve been you Mom, and hoped that my Landon didn’t disturb to many people during our flight a few years back on his first plane ride and if he did- they’d be understanding. Your boys were just fine and you’ve done good that they were able to!

I’m signing off and enjoying a week in the sun with a drink in my hand with my Mr. See you Saturday!

Keep Smiling! Xx


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