Mom shaming? How about cop shaming. Enough already!

​I saw this picture while scrolling through Instagram tonight and had to repost it.  I started with just a caption on how I was feeling and next thing I knew it was extremely long…. good news for you- it lead me to a loooong over due blog post.  Bad news for you- it lead me to a long over due blog post.  

I’m full of emotions from the sad movie I just watched and I’m overflowing with emotions of the craziness happening around us. 

Before you start your belly aching, I know that I am bias. I am the wife of a Police Officer. An officer that goes to work every day, risking his life. An officer that has two young children and a wife that adore him more than anything. Now, there is no doubt in my mind, he would never do something unwarranted BUT I do know, he will do whatever it takes to come home. 
There is no excuse for disobeying an officer. If a gun is pulled on an officer, that animal won’t hesitate to pull the trigger. 

Who are we to judge and say what the LEO could have done differently?  What would you do if the man you are arresting is resisting or the man you just told not to move, does AND they both had guns on them?? I know what I would do. Because I know if he gets his hand on his, I’m not going home.  

Our world has been FULL of disgusting, senseless acts of hate that we have yet to recover from. Acts, that for the most part, we cannot control.  Life is not guaranteed but I can guarantee you, that if you follow the law and obey the officer you are dealing with, you too will go home.  

Yes, there is always an exception. Yes, there are Police officers who do bad things. Yes, I too am baffled upon hearing there was a child in the car while one of these incidents took place. Yes, it took multiple officers to tackle a man to the ground who was resisting, unfortunately causing fatal harm.  Yes, a man reached for an officers gun during a confrontation, resulting in his death. Yes,  a young man was fatally injured after excessive force was used to apprehend him after he broke the law. 

Now, let me tell you about the officers who are gunned down in their cruisers. Gunned down eating lunch. Gunned down patrolling a college. Gunned down pumping gas. Gunned down at a Police protest by a sniper. What?, Mr President is so unpregidist about those shootings that it doesn’t warrant even a second of your time? Then, in those situations does race no longer matters? Ethnicity has no factor? Why? For the simple fact that they all wear the same uniform? You no longer see color or status? It’s not a “hate crime” or a “race thing” because they are all cops? There is no discrimination because they all wear blue? ? I’m confused. 

If you don’t stand behind your national law enforcement. How is anyone else supposed to?

Let me tell you something else then. A bad guy is a bad guy is a bad guy.  It no longer becomes about color.  It becomes about consequences and survival and my cop is coming home!

Take your guns, your bullshit comments and your race card and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Stop breaking the law, reaching for guns and go home to YOUR families!!

Keep Smiling, 

 the proud wife of a Police Officer. Xx


One thought on “Mom shaming? How about cop shaming. Enough already!

  1. Debora ryscitti says:

    No truer words ever spoken , thank you to your husband and you for all you do and for protecting us Stay strong and God bless you and your beautiful family


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