you can do it in three days, they said.


It’s easy, they said. Well, i’m here to say,”they” lied.

We took Landon’s diaper off one day last month and brought the potty out into the living room (as i’m sure you remember telling you about…). He did great!! Peed on it all day, even pooped! He would just run over when he needed to go. He got all proud of himself when I made it a big deal.  At that time, I didn’t plan on really following through as we had plans all weekend but I never should have even started until I was ready to go all in!!! We have 3 weeks until Landon starts preschool so we have since taken the plunge, and it cannot be going any worse. I’ve talked to friends. I’ve read books. I’ve searched Pinterest for advice and everyone seems to have an amazing miracle story about how quickly their kid potty trained.

WELL! MY kid isn’t getting it! We’ve ditched the diapers, bought packs and packs of underwear and brought the potty back in play. Tomorrow will be day 3 and we may be worse off than we were on day one…….. lollipops weren’t giving him any motivation anymore so I took some pointers from a reasurring pin and made an ITS POTTY TIME chart, grabbed all the stickers in the house and made a list of prizes to get!

Day One: we spent most of the day outside which consisted of two pants pees and ended with poop, everywhere. Pants, legs, Police bike.
Day Two: we spent more time on the actual potty! Doing nothing.  At one point, after sitting for ten plus minutes, he stood up and peed all over the floor. We went out to Wal-Mart today (to stock up on prizes), where he wore a pull-up
(we tried to get him to use the bathroom twice while we were out, and he just screamed)
and came home dry so he earned *a sticker*. He couldn’t wait to put it on his chart!!! We sat him on the potty with his tablet when we got home and some time later we heard him yell, “MAMA! I pooped!!” Of course, we made a HUGE deal about it, added *two stickers* to his potty time chart and I excitedly explained that one more sticker means he gets a prize.
We came back to flush the poop, where we found Owen. Hand covered in his brothers poop. That kid is a ninja. A chubby bear ninja.
So now he needs a bath and Landon is peeing on the floor!


I’m lost and don’t even know how to move forward. I have taken Motherhood by the horns and proudly owned every second of it. Until this. This might defeat me and my kid will be the only kid who doesn’t become potty trained. I filled a basket full of goodies and bought a poop emoji balloon. A sticker book with over 600 stickers and waterballoons!! Landon’s perschool teacher said not to stress and that she loves to potty train but why is this so hard?!?. Please give me strength to stick this out.
Pop, don’t be mad when I send a potty and a pack of 14 “underwears” with Landon tomorrow 🙂 it takes a village right?!  IMG_20160805_233327


Keep Smiling,


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