A New Year, I’m starting fresh

Aaa.. it’s been a while. When I stated this blog, I thought it would be easy to find a story or a situation to write about (that you all would want to read) but I’ve found that kind of difficult. I’m not sure why.
However, my resolution this year, is to write at least one post a month. Here we go!



Last year was an incredibly successful, adventurous, trying but exciting year. We opened our home to little babes in need of some love and health by becoming foster parents, I expanded my skills by adding esthetics to my tool belt, we took a cruise to the Bahamas, a jet plane to Hawaii, visited the BRONX ZOO,  Andrew did a tour in the Narcotics unit for the PD, my mom & the boys and I spread love by brining cupcakes to every police officer we saw, we spent time with family camping in Lake George, we threw the boys a big birthday bash, hosted our first friendsgiving, and we finally got Landon’s butt potty trained- just in time to start preschool!!

Landon has made so many friends, went to his first schoolmate birthday party, takes gymnastics and crossfit. He comes home singing songs that I’ve never heard of and knows that the “L” is for Landon and “O” is for Owen. His friends run to him when I drop him off and sometimes (rare- but it happens) he cries when I come back to get him. (I guess we can’t be mad that he love school, right?)
A few weeks into the school year, he had an accident while running down the hall with marshmallows in a plastic tote. The plastic tote stopped when it hit the rug but he kept going. Going until his teeth hit the floor and pushed them back up into his bone. After hours in the ER and a full night of him saying,” I need my teeth out”, he had to have 2 of the 3 damaged teeth extracted. He was as brave as a 3year old could be, with a giant needle coming towards him and I… stood in the hallway bawling (to be honest, reliving the moment as I type, has be feeling a little faint). As soon as the bleeding stopped, he was back to normal and picking out the most expensive toy at Target, as his reward!
A few weeks later, we were back in the ER for a wasp bite that blew up like a golf ball. The nurses knew exactly who we were. (I’m still not sure how to feel about that one).
All just the beginning of my amazing life as the Mama of boys!

Owen has become quite the dancer and loves to steal toys from his brother. Watching him grow this past year, makes my heart sing. My boys are as alike and as different as can be. Owen marches to his own drum and doesn’t need anyone around to entertain himself for hours. He can mean mug as good as the rest of them and adores his big brother more and more everyday. He knows all the fun animals sounds but only half of his body parts. He raises his fist in the air and yells “BA.NAN.A” like a Minion whenever he eats one and fish are his favorite creature by far. Watch our world, Owen Michael will make shit happen.


Our year was full of beautiful wedding after beautiful wedding of our beautiful friends!! We joined in on bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners and day after brunches. I love to witness great people find true love and see how every style is brought to life on their wedding days. I always say how I want to do it all over, exactly the way we did almost 5 years ago on our 10th anniversary.  #biggoals


We shared our love with 6 foster kids last year. Some were for only a day, a few times a week after school, two weeks, a month and 4 months. Our last babe was with us for 4 months but it felt like for.ev.er. She came to us tiny and in need of some serious scheduling and TLC. She quickly became a part of our lives and a constant part of the boys everyday. They loved to help feed her, change her and make her smile. We all loved when she went to sleep at night and woke up happy as could be……. She was a tough cookie but we loved having her as part of our family and for being able to get her happy and healthy before sending her on to her forever family. 3


Andrew and I are unbelievably #blessed to have amazing friends who invited us on a vacation of a lifetime to Hawaii!!!! We spent 7 days in paradise and what felt like 2 days traveling… oh wait it was. Anyhow, we arrived and had a delicious dinner overlooking a breathtaking cove in Lihue, Kauai while the surfers surfed and the sun set.

Traveling with such a time change, had us in bed early the first night and up at 3am, ready to go! (we tried to stay in bed until at least 5 before calling the kiddos) We spent the day at the most amazing, clear water, white sugar soft sand beach but forgot the sunscreen. ugh. We stopped and had lunch in Hanalei with yummy nachos and frozen drinks.!

Some days started hazy and wet and ended with a sprinkle but had a gorgeous middle. We tried to see every spot we could get to while we were there. Kauai has one main road that travels around the whole island (stopping at the top of the North West side and again in the West to make way for the Waimea Canyon)  Due to terrible rain storms the week before we got there, a lot of the hiking trails were closed due to the rivers taking over the trails.

We took a tubing adventure down the irrigation system of an old sugar cane plantation and it was incredible! Our tour guide was funny, had a ukulele, sang Jungle Book songs and guided us with the history of the lost sugar cane industry. while we relaxed our butts down the tiny rapids and lazy river. We sailed on a dinner cruise of the Napoli Coast, where we saw dolphins and 3 whales. Our Captain was rich with knowledge of the islands history and all the legends that filled those old volcano ridges. If you become, the least bit, motion sick I would not recommend this to you (as we found out halfway through out trip). The crew was fabulous and accommodating.We caught a sunset like nothing I have never seen as we sailed back to port.  Our dinners were boxed up for us, waiting for us and they even threw in an extra cheesecake!

On our last full night, we went to a luau and threw ourselves into the Hawaiian culture and food. The spread was delicious and the Mai Tai’s strong!! We watched the women and men explain each region and their history through dance. Andrew even graced us with his moves after being chosen from the crowd to dance onstage.

We ventured out to all the little “hot spots” we found on Yelp, in blogs and in our travel book. We hit food trucks (one we ate at 4 times, it was so good!) and shops. We saw beautiful churches and breathtaking views and ate and ate some more. A rainbow joined us for our last breakfast as we watched “the birds” surf below us. We enjoyed our time with good friends in a magical place but were so ready to come home to our boys!!


Our last few weeks of the year were spent with family; wrapping presents, cookie swaps & parties, making our famous stuffed hot cherry peppers, happily bouncing from house to house for the holiday and loving up our boys as we watched the magic of Christmas through their eyes.


This new year, I have big plans, we have goals and a lot of love to give. I am putting me and my family first. We will continue to be good people and give whatever we have to give. It’s a new year and we’re ringing it in fresh! I will continue to treat others kind, no matter how they treat us. We will raise our boys to be gentlemen and good humans. If you’re not down with that, it was nice knowing ya. #endrant
Thanks for reading my long over due post and for being in our lives, no matter how little or far away.


Keep Smiling. Xx



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