Moving toward peace.

Today’s blog is a quick one because it started out as an Instagram post that went on forever…

Yesterday, I very well may have had my first anxiety attack. The unknown of the foster care system as hit me hard this last month and I’m having a rough time with our current experience. I keep being told to reel my emotions back. Well… anyone that knows me, knows I. Am. Emotional. and I am proud of that. I put it into everything I do… especially being a mother. Becoming a mother was hands the most important thing I have done. That is my first and foremost job in this world. That is what I was sent here to do. 

Job title : mother. 

Since figuring that out, I’ve realized how important it is to be present, positive and spread light in everything we touch. It is approaching the year mark of when I started my journey into #findingmylight (as I’ve been calling it). I have been working on myself, my relationships and improving how I move through this life. I want my footprint to be love. To be peace. To bring happiness. I will continue to spread the love by being the best me I can be. By doing that I will be able to be the best wife, the best mother and the best friend. 

Today I am trying to be at peace with my thoughts and the things I have no control over. The universe is always sending us signs and I’m choosing to pay attention to them. 

I’ll be in Shavasana…. 
Keep Smiling. Xx


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