Changing things up & keeping the love

HI!!! Some of you may have seen my video post earlier about my exciting news…
I have been thinking about this for a while now and today I decided to DO IT!  These days, i’m all about living for today and spreading and sharing the love, so here goes—–
I have decided to make my iwas_made_forthis Instagram page all about our foster care/adoption journey. I’ll share pictures, videos and stories of everything we stumble upon during our adventure. There are ups and downs and it’s not usually pretty but we love it!!

Every babe that comes through our home has their own story and their own needs but they all come to us needing love and attention.
Some need meds. Others need to be put on a proper feeding schedule. A few have never been held. One had never been put in the bath. Each one we take in, we love them like they are our own– but they are not our own. we are their foster parents. We get them healthy and send them on their way.

Everyone asks, “how do you do it?” and my answer always is the same… it’s easier and harder than you think but that’s part of the job description.  I shared a post on facebook that I stumbled upon, written by where she says “I took on the responsibilities– the burdens and the privileges– that only a foster mother knows.” I couldn’t have wrote the blog better. There is no way to really explain it to anyone else.

This process reminds me everyday how precious life is and how blessed we are as a family unit. The sole fact that we are able to care for other peoples children while they get on a better path, and to be truly be happy when they do it! It boggles my mind almost daily.
It is a beautiful thing that the are capable of helping in such a powerful way.

From here on, I will share what I can and update you with each new placement!!
Go follow us on Instagram @iwas_MADE_forthis to get pictures and videos (most likely daily) 🙂 Thank you for following along.

Keep Smiling Xx



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