LEO Wife Life

8-19-16a-905This Man. This Much. This Life.

Andrew and I have been together since i was a junior in high school. We’ve made it through a semester across country at college, adding a dog to the mix, a break up, starting my dream career, another breakup, him with no job, two apartments, a proposal, purchasing our starter slice of heaven, his dream job offer, our wedding, two beautiful boys and three years on the job.

Two days before our wedding, he received the greatest news since peanut butter- a letter from the NH Police Dept. We did it! He made it! He was in. Six months later we found out we were pregnant with our first baby and one month after that, he started his adventure in the academy. He graduated in August, three weeks before Landon arrived.

A newborn baby and a new LEO husband. Life took on a whole new meaning…  this page is to share my experiences as the wife of a police officer. The good with the bad and the ugly.

Keep him safe and send him home (click to read)

Baby boys to little boys and big boys I can’t get to leave the bar. (click to read)

Mom shaming? How about cop shaming.  Enough already! (click to read)

Helloo There! (click to read)

Sending love through treats. Who doesn’t love that? (click to read)



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