Raising Good Humans

I was made to raise these two boys.

Landon (2 years old) finally has hair, which sticks it’s curlyness out every way after a nap. He is Mr. Lover. He loves all things baby (babies, baby tomatoes, baby rocks, his baby brother) and could be a golf pro next week. He always asks for cheese, he calls veggie straws ‘noodles’ and could watch ‘Baymax’ 5 times a day. He gets super cuddly and kisses me non stop when he’s sleepy and just learned to count to 6. He adores his daddy but needs his mama when he’s hurt. He melts my heart and amazes me everyday with how big his little heart has already become.

Owen (5 months old) is Mr Serious. He can roll over (and over and over), gets some incredible distance when he spits the nuk out of his mouth and smiles ear to ear the minute he sees his big brother. He wants to be held all day… who am i kidding…. and all night and throws his arms in the air (like he just does not care) when he’s excited! He loves to eat and peekaboo. I live to hear his belly laugh and smile at how his bright blue eyes match my dads.

This page is where i’ll share everything in my wonderful adventure called Motherhood!


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 they say, life as you know it is over. they couldn’t be more wrong. (click to read)

fish, pot pies and bath water (click to read)

red cups, Christmas, believing (click to read)

Tough days and longer nights (click to read)

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2 year olds and lollipops (click to read)Baby Foodie 101 (click to read)Baby boys to little

boys and big boys I can’t get to leave the bar. (click to read)

Pre-pregnancy jeans & my post-pregnancy body (click to read)

Taking it back to my babysitting days. (click to read)

Positive mom’s keeping it real (click to read)

Fostering our hearts out (click to read)

Helloo There! (click to read)


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